A total-conversion of Halo 1 multiplayer to Aleph One netplay as best as can be done given the limitations of a 10 year-old engine. Most of the weapons are complete, but a lot other stuff remains to be done. An alpha release with low-resolution textures and some movies have been made available for your testing and viewing pleasure. Have fun!


Alpha Stage: Use at your own risk

- Requirements: Same as Aleph One, though OpenGL must be supported and turned ON in order for the script to work properly.

Halathon 0.32a for Mac OS X/OS9 (30.15 MB)

Halathon 0.32a for Windows (27.34 MB)

- Here is the source for Aleph One as required by the GPL to be included with every download which containts the Aleph One application.

Aleph One Source [nightly 2005-09-02] (1.3 MB)


Movies taken with Hi Res shapes. Requires Quicktime to view.


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Credit to Bungie

The Halo weapons, sounds, images, and the game Halo itself are the properties of Bungie Studios and Microsoft Corporation. We wouldn't be working on this we didn't like Halo so much.