I've been playing Aleph One online a lot and the carnage against friends is great and all, but I felt something was missing. Where's the carnage with friends? There are so few cooperation map packs out there, I felt I had to contribute my share to the cause. Ofcourse you can play the single player maps with friends, but who hasn't done that? I felt it was time for something new. This may or may not be it.

Basically these maps will provide challenges designed specifically for team play. They will include puzzles and challenges that will be impossible to complete without at least one other person. Terminals will give instructions on how to complete challenges. Some maps will have a prison room and restart teleporter. When you die and respawn you will be trapped in a prison, able only to watch your teammates from a distance. If everybody dies then you must use the restart teleporter to restart the challenge.

This project is still in the very early stages of development and this description is prone to change.



PRE-ALPHA STAGE (not yet available)

- Team Co-op Map Pack